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1. These Regulations define the terms and conditions for booking in the accommodation facilities placed on the website
2. By making the booking, the Customer concludes a rental agreement for the chosen object and is obliged to make an advance payment. The agreement is concluded after having been confirmed by the company Ambria Julia Jabłońska-Grycun, ul. Bohaterów Września 48, 72-600 Świnoujście, Poland REGON (National Business Registry Number): 368761975, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 8551551214 (hereinafter referred to as ”Ambria”).
3. Each time the definition “Customer” appears in the Regulations, it is understood as the person collecting keys. The word “Apartment Manager” always means the Ambria Company.

Scope of the rental agreements for the accommodation facility

1. The agreement concluded between the Apartment Manager and the Customer includes only the apartment rental. The Customer covers the travel and board costs on their own.
2. Smoking tobacco and bringing in animals (without having it agreed upon with the Manager) are forbidden.
3. The rental price includes utilities (gas, electricity, water) as well as Internet and TV, provided the Customer uses these facilities as they should be normally used.
4. Extra charges are: cleaning, parking space, tourist baby cot, feeding chair, stay of pets, late check-out/check-out, the romantic package – according to the price list.
5. The Customer is also obliged to pay the visitor’s tax in the amount of 4.4 PLN / hotel day for every person.
6. In the summer and winter season, the Apartments are rented for min. 7 hotel days. In the low season, these are min. 2 hotel days. We reserve the right to change the minimal length of stay (e.g. during long weekends, public holidays, etc.).

Booking conditions

1. Bookings can be made either online via or in a message sent to If you make a booking, you hereby accept the Regulations. Henceforth, the booking and rental agreement between the Apartment Manager and the Customer are understood as concluded.
2. After having conformed the booking, the Customer is obliged to pay 30% of the total price within 2 days as an advance payment. Valid is the date when the payment arrives at the bank account of the Ambria Company.
3. By making the advance payment, the Customer concludes the rental agreement concerning the chosen apartment and agrees to accept the Regulations.
4. Lack of payment within this time period will cancel the booking, and the Customer does not need to be informed about this fact.
5. The remaining payment for the entire stay and the Tourist tax is regulated in advance at check-in. We accept payment by credit card or cash in Polish currency. 
6. Any changes in the booking require consent of both parties.
7. Resignation from the stay must be submitted in the written form against a proof of receipt. If the Customer cancels the stay up to 30 days before the arrival, the advance payment shall be returned, yet without the operation cost amounting to 100 PLN. If the Customer cancels the stay under 30 days, the advance payment will not be returned.
8. If the Customer does not arrive at apartment or does not contact the Apartment Manager on the agreed day, the apartment will be made available for booking on the following day.

Stay regulations

1. The Customer is obliged to take care and protect the apartment from damage or devastation, including the spaces destined for public use such as staircases, corridors, other storage spaces and the area around the building. The Customer is also obliged to lock the doors to the apartment and store the keys in a safe place, unavailable for third parties.
2. The Customer must abide by the quiet hours between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.
3. Smoking both in the apartment and staircases is strictly forbidden.
4. Any additional people above the numer declared at the check-in and defined in the description of the apartment may not stay in the apartment.
5. If the Apartment Manager does not agree, the Customer may not keep animals in the apartment.
6. The Customer must immediately inform the Manager about any damages to the apartment or its equipment.
7. If the damages are caused by the Customer or third parties staying in the apartment with the Customer, the Customer is obliged to pay for the repair and new equipment, free from damages and in working order.
8. The apartment is an independent flat used by the Customer according to the rental relationship. Therefore, the Manager is not liable for any loss or damage to the personal belongings brought in by the Customer or other people using the flat.
9. Children staying on the premises of the accommodation facility must be under the care of their parents. The object does not have any security measures for little children.
10. The Manager does not answer for any renovation and finishing works in and around the building and nuisances, especially noise coming from the neighbouring buildings.
11. For gross violation of the rental regulations, the Manager may terminate the contract immediately.

Arrival regulations

1. The Customer should arrive at the apartment between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
2. Other hours need to be agreed upon with an Ambria employee. This option requires an additional payment amounting to 50 PLN.
3. If the Customer cannot arrive at the agreed hour, they are obliged to call the person responsible for giving them keys and inform the person about this fact without delay.
4. Even if the stay is shortened or delayed due to circumstances beyond the Apartment Manager’s control, the Customer is obliged to pay the full rental price.
5. Upon arrival, the Customer must show their identity card with personal data necessary for the verification and check-in.
6. Before receiving the keys, the Customer must pay all the remaining amounts due for the rental as well as all the additional charges in cash, provided they had not been paid earlier.
7. The object Manager always gives you two sets of keys. If the Customer loses the keys, they are obliged to pay 200 PLN fine for the one set.
8. For an extra charge, the Customer can use the service of a new towel set, new bedclothes or cleaning.
9. The hotel day lasts from 3:00 pm on the arrival day up to 10:00 am in the following day.

Departure regulations

1. The Customer is obliged to leave the object until 10:00 am on the last day of their stay. The manager collects the keys personally after the finished stay, provided the parties did not agree upon otherwise.
2. The Customer leaves the object in a state which not worsened in comparison with the past one. The dishes are washed, the kitchenette is clean and the dustbin empty.
3. The Customer is liable for any damage to the person or possessions, caused by the Customer or third parties visiting theme.
4. If there are any renovations necessary after the stay, the Customer can be burdened with the renting cost also during the renovation works.
5. The personal belonging left behind by a leaving Guest in the apartment are sent back to the Customer’s address on their request and at their cost.

Payment safety

The online payment are secured by Dotpay. The safe connection is provided by the encoding through the SSL certification with the widened validation with 256 bit coding, which guarantees the highest possible standard of authenticating the website’s owner. The information sent between the user and the server will not be used by people not authorised to them.

Personal data

According to the Act of 29.08.1997 about the Protection of Personal Data, the data given by the Customer will only be used for booking realisation. The data shall be processed by the system with the seat in Jelenia Góra.

Applicable law

The law applicable for any litigations between the Apartment Manager and the customers is the Polish law. The court authorised to settle such litigations will be the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Ambria Company.