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Świnoujście has as many faces as there are islands within its borders. The largest of them are Uznam, Wolin and Karsibór. These three islands nestled in the north-western corner of Poland, surrounded by waters of the Baltic Sea, Szczecin Bay and Świna strait as well as a chain of several dozen smaller islands, are the three pillars of Świnoujście, the only town in Poland with such a unique island character. Each of them provides different opportunities for the town.

Part of Świnoujście located on Uznam island, shared with Germany, is a tourist and health-resort, administrative and residential area. This is where the widest beach of the Baltic Sea, a promenade, town’s culture and entertainment centre are located. The fragment situated on Wolin island is mainly an industrial part of the town. Services related with sea economy and transport as well as production and storage are concentrated there. On the other hand, Kasribór is an anchor of peace and rest, with unique natural and tourist qualities.

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from: “Kraina 44 wysp” Urząd Miasta Świnoujście


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from: “Kraina 44 wysp” Urząd Miasta Świnoujście